“Discover the depth of your inner self to appreciate its strength and endurance to overcome adversity. Amaze yourself in every way to invent a new challenge from which to learn.”

― I am the change I seek

Launching Of Merchandises

Launching of Merchandises As you change the way decision-making is done, you must also change the actual activities and tasks. Along with the sequence in which they are performed and perhaps even the organization or team responsible for each one. In a customer-centric...
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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Suicide Prevention Lifeline We Can All Help Prevent Suicide. The Lifeline Provides 24/7, Free And Confidential Support For People In Distress, Prevention And Crisis Resources For You Or Your Loved Ones, And Best Practices For Professionals.
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Helping Shape Conference

Call For Volunteers Are you interested in helping shape conference education for the next Change! Annual Conference? If so, there is a new volunteer opportunity waiting for you! If you’re not keen on volunteering yourself, consider nominating someone who would be...
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“Suneja’s book has a loving spirit that offers hope that through inner reflection and determination, they can, as the title promises, become the change they are seeking”

– Blue Ink Reviews

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“Meditation and self-reflection come up time and again as methods to achieve this growth; Suneja is at her best when writing about the profound value of these two powerful tools.”

– Patty Sutherland (Foreword Reviews)


Nature’s Silent Resilience:

As we open our eyes to view nature’s many pleasant sights, we observe a tree standing tall and rooted to the Earth. Do we ever wonder at its resolute resilience as it stands tall in one place for its entire life? As I look at a tree, I observe it gathering nutrients through its roots to sustain itself, never giving up on life because it cannot move from this one place where the roots took hold after a seed landed on a chance encounter with fertile soil. Nature’s bounty thrives wherever it can take hold and where conditions are favorable. Living plants are. Let us go back to the simple source of this miracle.


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